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    The Nora Magid Mentorship Prize

Nora Magid was an extraordinarily gifted and giving teacher
of non-fiction writing at the University of Pennsylvania from the mid-1970s until her death in 1991. During those years, she nurtured an amazing number of students. Many went on to some of the top jobs in magazines, newspapers and book publishing; others have had similarly successful careers in business, law, medicine and the arts.

In 2003, a group of "Nora-ites" came together to create a mentorship prize in her memory. The Nora Magid Mentorship Prize is now given every year to a senior at the University of Pennsylvania who shows exceptional ability and promise in non-fiction writing and editing, and who would benefit most from combined mentorship of Nora's network of former students and their colleagues. The prize is $3000, which is used as a stipend for transportation, lodging and meals as the student travels to New York, Washington and elsewhere to develop professional contacts at magazines, newspapers, publishing houses and broadcast networks. The winner is also given unparalleled access to those Nora-ites (and their colleagues) who might best assist in the student's professional goals. In this way, the student gets the kind of quality mentorship during the last semester of college that Nora's students received when she was alive. After graduating and taking a first job, the prize-winners are expected to become part of the network of Nora-ites
and help other graduating seniors.

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